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Why Consider Getting a Flat Roof?

Here at ABC Roofing, we understand that for most homeowners in Vancouver, their house is the most possession they own. Buying or building your own home takes years of hard work and savings, so it’s important to make the right decisions to preserve the structure’s integrity.

Your roof protects your property from the elements and keeps your family and possessions safe; it needs to be the right choice of roof and installed correctly by professionals. Flat roofs are found on thousands of homes and commercial properties and are popular for several reasons.

What is a flat roof, and what are the advantages of having one?

Flat Roofs: The Good

If you’ve built your home, you’ll need to choose the most suitable roof at this point. Pitched roofs have an angle of 10 degrees or more, while flat roofs are pitched at angles less than 10 degrees.

Lower Costs

The most obvious benefit of getting a flat roof in Vancouver is the relatively lower cost. Flat roofs are (relatively) easier and faster to install than sloped roofs, and labour costs are lower. The materials usually used for constructing flat roofs like modified bitumen and EPDM are also cost-effective.

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More Usable Space

With a flat roof, you have more usable outdoor space, which you can consider transforming into a garden, seating area, or storage space. You can also install a green roof or an elastomeric membrane roof to extend its lifespan instead of spending on a full roof replacement.
Air conditioning units can be placed on flat roofs to avoid becoming an eyesore on the ground.

Easy Maintenance

While flat roofs may need repairs and maintenance (like other roofs), they are easier to access, inspect, and repair than sloped roofs. We are experienced in the installation and care of flat and sloped residential and commercial roofs.

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Flat Roofs: The Bad

While flat roofs in Vancouver have a long list of advantages, they also have certain disadvantages. Although they are highly efficient, they may not be as visually appealing as their sloped counterparts in the neighbourhood.

They may also develop punctures and tears due to constant exposure to sunshine. Gravel can be used to weigh down flat roofs to prevent them from becoming brittle. Similarly, water cannot drain off quickly after rain or snow, and they are more prone to sagging or pooling of water.

Homes with flat roofs have less space for attic insulation, and the roof becomes vulnerable to extreme temperature changes. Water is not the only problem on flat roofs; dirt, wind-blown debris, leaves and twigs can also clog up the drains.

Flat Roof Installation and Maintenance

ABC Roofing is a reliable roofing company in Vancouver dedicated to exceptional customer service and quality roofing products. Once we inspect your premises, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and talk you through the process from start to finish.

Our friendly customer service staff is happy to explain the roofing cost breakdown, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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