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Nothing fills one with pleasure like enjoying the warmth of a fireplace during winter. However, roof leaks can make living indoors unbearable. Many people are puzzled as to the source of the leaks when they have done everything to ensure there are no roof cracks. But, did you know that uneven attic temperatures could be the cause of ice dams on your roof?

If you suspect that this could be the cause of leaks in your house, do not hesitate to call any of our ice and removal team in Vancouver. We understand how harsh winter can be if your roof is leaking. Our roofers will perform a comprehensive inspection of the roof to pinpoint the source of the leaks. We have experience with a number of roof types.

What could be causing ice dams on my roof?

Winter is a time when snow accumulates on the roof. It is also difficult navigating through the roads in your attempts to get your kids to school. While local authorities have the equipment to clear the roads, you need the best ABC Roofing experts in Vancouver to clear the snow on your roof.

The attic tends to have a variance in temperature, which causes snow to melt from the top of the roof and freeze in lower regions. This snow now becomes ice. In worst cases, it can fall from the roof and injure people below or collapse on your car’s windshield hence destroying it. When not taken care off immediately, this ice will melt and find its way into your house. Small leaks if not sealed will lead to flooding and destruction of household items.  

Our roof inspection contractors in Vancouver have seen firsthand ice dam destruction to households. We come equipped to do major roof repairs on short notice. This ensures you can go back to your normal lives as soon as possible. Our roof inspection and repair costs are affordable. They are designed to fit into many homeowners budgets.

We also offer roof replacement services

Not all roofs can be repaired; some will need a complete overhaul. This is especially the case if you live in an old house and have not had your roof inspected for a long time. Ice dams are caused by a variety of attic heating factors. It could be that the attic insulation is defective or the air vents are clogged and no longer operate efficiently.

Our roof replacement crew in Vancouver will inspect your roof at a short notice. We have the tools and materials to completely replace your house roof. We assure you that once we are done you should be sleeping soundly through winter. Our roof replacement services come with a warranty.

We have years of experience in Ice removal

Winter can be an exciting time to spend indoors. You can get cozy as you enjoy the warmth from your fireplace. However, this dream can be hindered if your roof is leaking. The variance in attic temperatures may cause the ice to thaw and if you have leaks in your roof, it will find its way to your living room. To prevent this from happening let us inspect your roof during fall.

Our roof repair services are designed to fit the budgets of most households in Vancouver. We do not inflate costs in any way. You get what you pay for. In addition, we take great care of your property during repairs.

It is not always the case that whenever you notice roof leaks you will need a new roof. However, if a tree accidentally falls on your house or you have been living in the same house for many decades you may need a new one. Our tinsmith roofers in Vancouver will take you through the whole process of having your roof replaced. We work with speed to ensure your home is safe and secure for winter. We will work on your attic insulation to ensure it works optimally.

Let us handle all your roofing needs

It is not easy coming across a company that is as committed to solving your roofing needs as we are. We treat each customer with the respect they deserve. We extend this dignity to your home. Our expert roofers are equipped with the right safety materials and this minimizes cases of accidents. We will not leave your home until you are 100% satisfied with the results. If you have an insurance policy, we will help you in filing a report with the adjustor.

We understand how much your home means to you. Do not let winter find you with a leaking roof. Gives us a call today for a free roof repair estimate.


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