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What’s the Best Way to Handle a Roof Emergency?

All home and commercial property owners dread roof emergencies. Unexpected roof emergencies are not only stressful but can eat away at your savings.

There are a variety of problems that can cause roof emergencies. As a responsible homeowner, it’s your job to quickly ensure that the problem is taken care of by certified roofing professionals.

When Is Leaking Considered a Roof Emergency?

A leak can become a massive problem over time.

It’s difficult to estimate the exact time, as the issue depends on the size and nature of the leak, the roof material in question, and the weather. But what we can say for sure is that if you ignore the leak, it can cause damage even as you read this article.

As a result, you may be stuck with a roof emergency on hand. There are three reasons why it’s essential to get roof leaks repaired:

  • The water will first ruin the roof, decking, and rafters, stain the ceiling and, eventually, the walls.
  • Untreated water leaks in the roof encourage the growth of mould and algae, which are not only health hazards but also damage the structure of your property.
  • The third reason not to get a roof leak out of hand is that it can get into the electrical systems and ruin the breakers and appliances.

Repairing a seemingly minor roof leak is much less than what you’d pay for a costly emergency roof repair in the long run.

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Other Common Causes of Roof Emergencies

Hail storms are one of the primary causes of roof emergencies. When hail chunks are large enough, they can severely damage your roof or crack a few shingles at the very least. If there is a hail storm in your area, call our reliable roofing pros at ABC Roofing to assess the damage and recommend solutions.

Strong winds are another major culprit when it comes to roofing emergencies. They can whip away shingles and make them go missing or damage brittle shingles. When shingles are lost, it can increase the risk of developing a leak, so it’s best to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Our experienced roofing experts in Vancouver can locate and replace the missing shingles in no time at all. Other roof emergency causes can include fire damage, wild animals, pests, and fallen tree trunks.

Poor Maintenance and Roof Emergencies

Although roofs are generally built to last for several decades, they often develop small problems that can transform into disastrous emergencies if left unresolved. Perhaps the most common cause of roof emergencies is poor maintenance.

Failing to get your roof inspected, cleaned, and repaired on time can leave potential problems unaddressed and pave the way for roof emergencies. If wind-blown debris, blocked gutters, or water leaks are impacting your roof, it’s only a matter of time before you are faced with a roof emergency.

At ABC Roofing, Vancouver, we provide reliable assistance for roof emergencies, repair, and replacement.

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