Insurance for Roof Damage, Repair and Replacement in Vancouver

Looking for some information on insurance claims since your roof needs repair or needs to be replaced?

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Roof repairs do not come cheap. Many homeowners postpone having their home inspected as they imagine the costs will be beyond their reach. This does not have to be the case. If you have an insurance policy for your home, we will work with you to give you a certified report for your claim.

Our ABC Roofing company in Vancouver has been repairing roofs for many years. Our commitment to professionalism and excellence precedes us. We work to ensure repairs are done as fast as possible. We only use materials that are of high quality and eco-friendly.

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It is heartbreaking to see your beloved roof destroyed by hailstorms or a falling tree. To add to your headache is trying to have your insurance claim settled in time. If winter is approaching this may seem like a dream. Our roof inspection team in Vancouver, will examine your roof and give you a certified report of the repairs. Here we do not inflate costs. We work meticulously to ascertain the repair costs.

Should you desire we will accompany your claim report with pictures of roof damage. This makes it easier for your insurance adjuster to settle your claim. Our roof repair contractors in Vancouver are certified by local authorities to carry out roof repairs. They have successfully renovated damaged residential and commercial roofs for many years. Their commitment to excellence speaks for itself.

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Whenever you notice small water spots in your house know that you could be having a leaking roof. If you have an insurance policy for your house, then repairs can commence as soon as possible. Most people will have their roofs inspected during fall or spring. This helps one prepare for the coming winter. However, you should have your roof inspected regularly.

Our ice and removal team in Vancouver is at hand to remove any snow that could have accumulated on your roof during winter. When the snow thaws and turns into ice in the roof shingles it can pose serious safety problems. We have the expertise to fix your attic insulation to prevent snow turning into ice.

We will help you get an estimate of roof repair costs that you will take to your insurance company. This helps get your claim started with the insurance adjuster. Since we are a preferred roofing contractor, you should see your insurance claim move with speed. We use the very best materials for roof repairs. We are also familiar with almost all roof types and will recommend a suitable option for your house.

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As a top roof repair company in Vancouver, we have been responsible for putting smiles on many homeowners’ faces. Our roofers have been trained for what they do, they are also licensed by the relevant roofing authorities. We have some of the best tinsmiths in Vancouver.

It is stressing living with a leaking roof. It is also an extra burden to shoulder the repair costs. If you have an insurance policy, we will give you a roof estimate to take to your adjustor. This helps jump-start the process. Give us a call today for an estimate.

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