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How Does an Elastomeric Membrane Roof Help?

Known for their durability and resistance, elastomeric membrane roofs are used on both residential and commercial roofs. They are popular in Vancouver and surrounding areas for their high reliability.

Why Are Elastomeric Membrane Roofs Popular?

With Canada’s temperature fluctuations, you need a roof that can be easily installed and repaired under all weather conditions. At ABC Roofing, we provide elastomeric membrane roofing that meets these two criteria.

Thanks to the many benefits they offer, they can be installed on top of your current roof without requiring a full tear-off.

Elastomeric membrane roofs are made up of two layers:

Base layer: We first pour on this layer to install the coating.

Finish layer: The top layer consists of fine ceramic granules that give it its signature texture. Our esteemed customers can select the colour of their choice.

Bi-layered elastomeric membranes offer unique advantages that make them the preferred choice for flat and low-sloped roofs.

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Elastomeric Membrane Roofs: Simple and Effective Installation

One of the biggest problems with most waterproof roof membranes in Vancouver is that they can only be installed in mild weather like spring or summer. It’s nearly impossible to install them during the winter months.

However, elastomeric membrane roofing can be installed in all weather conditions. This means that you need not wait until spring or summer to call ABC Roofing for your new roof.

We use two simple but effective reliable techniques to install elastomeric membrane roofing:

Hot Melting: Our experienced roofers in Vancouver will fuse the base and top layer together with a torch.

Cold Layering: The base and finish layers are stuck firmly together with the help of an industrial quality adhesive.

Out of the two techniques, cold layering is particularly useful if your roof is old; it reduces fire risks.

Elastomeric Membrane Roofs: Durability and Resistance

In general, elastomeric membrane roofs in Vancouver involve a higher capital outlay than asphalt roofs. However, although they are more expensive to install, they are durable and easily last for 30-35 years, even with low maintenance.

Thanks to its elasticity and flexibility, elastomeric membrane roofs are highly resistant to hot as well as freezing weather. You can trust an elastomeric membrane roof to protect your Vancouver home during all kinds of weather.

If you’re considering getting an elastomeric membrane roof installed, give our certified roofers a call, and we’ll take care of all the details from start to finish. Installing an elastomeric membrane roof can help preserve the integrity of your existing roof and extend its lifespan.


Elastomeric Membrane Roof Near Me

Elastomeric membranes are particularly efficient during the summer months as they prevent heat from radiating into the interiors. You can choose from a range of attractive colours like white, brown, gray, beige, green, and red.

Please feel free to consult our licensed roofing company for suitable designs and colours that can enhance your property’s visual appeal. If you’re interested in discussing elastomeric membrane roofing features, benefits, and costs, please contact ABC Roofing, Vancouver, for a free, no-obligation quote.

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