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A Guide to Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial roof replacement can be a messy, noisy, and complicated process that disrupts your business, so you’d want it to be over as quickly as possible. Installing a commercial roof in Vancouver is an investment in your property.

With proper maintenance and care, your commercial roof can last for decades. If you have questions about the time duration, costs, and options, please call ABC Roofing for the latest information.

How Many Days Long Does It Take to Replace a Commercial Roof?

On average, we can replace flat roofs in about 3-5 days, but the timeline can vary, depending on various factors such as:

Roof Size

The larger the roof size, the longer it takes to tear off the old roof, repair the deck, and install the new materials. Removal of the old roof is as complicated as installing the new one.
The height of the roof also affects the time duration. Replacing the commercial roof on a 10-storey building will take longer than with a 3-storey building.

Damaged Structure

The underlayment below the roofing material may be damaged due to mildew, water, or rot and may need to be first removed before installing the new commercial roof. Our certified roofers may need to repair a small area or replace the entire supporting deck before we can proceed with the commercial roof installation.


The weather can sometimes play spoilsport and delay the process. Extreme weather like hail, intermittent rain, or sleet can pose a serious risk to the roofers and interfere with the installation process.

Dry, warm weather is ideal for roof replacement.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Generally speaking, commercial roofs in Vancouver should be replaced every 20 years. But if your roof is ageing or showing signs of deterioration, it’s best to get it inspected at the earliest.

The quality of installation can make a big difference to the life expectancy of the roof. If your old commercial roof has been improperly installed, it can lead to the need for premature roof replacement. If you hire inexperienced or poorly trained roofers, you’ll constantly struggle with roof leaks or spiking energy bills.

The quality and longevity of any roof depends on the materials it’s made from. If you’re considering commercial roof replacement, opt for materials associated with a longer life expectancy. Cheap, low-quality materials can prove to be disastrous choices in the long run.

Commercial Roof Replacement Contractor

The first step involves connecting with a reliable commercial roofing company in Vancouver. We will provide a free cost estimate after a detailed on-site analysis. Our experienced roofing team is adept at assessing all the factors and spotting potential roadblocks that can hinder installation.

We communicate with our esteemed customers every step of the way and ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises. Our roofing pros replace commercial roofs on every type of building, including garages, malls, hospitals, schools, or industrial buildings.

Please feel free to contact ABC Roofing to get started on the commercial roof replacement process.

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